Evil Clicker
You like farm games, but classic farm is so boring for you? New generation of clicker games! Want to feel what is rpg offline? Wanna be a devil or may be gold miner? Let’s start to tap! Click! Build! Invest! Upgrade!
Build 27 unique workplaces to punish filthy sinners
Earn chests, collect puzzles and increase your profits!
Summon one out of 10 infernal Guards and enforce your devilish factory
Collect your friends and make them work for you in torture chambers!
Exchange gifts with your friends on Facebook — send them the souls of sinners and get puzzles in return!
Cartoonish graphics — hell’s never been so much fun before!
Get profit even when AFK — demons work
Summon Supervisor and collect double rewards while listening to heavy metal!
Show your results to Big Horned Boss, exchange progress for paradise apples and reach the top hundreds of times faster!

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