AppQuantum & GameTune - Our Story

20 August 2020

Implementing new features into a game can be a trick - especially if you haven’t got the resources to constantly run multiple A/B tests and properly analyze the results.

The whole process of iterative testing, building, and re-uploading takes time and effort that could be better placed.

GameTune, a new Unity service, helps optimise various gameplay elements by providing each user with an alternative based on that user's behavior. The flexibility of the service is based on Unity machine learning and offers great value to projects of any size.

We have tested GameTune on several games, achieving results such as 3% growth in rewarded ad gross and 6% growth in interstitial ad gross, which gave us a 9% overall revenue bonus on an ad-focused project. That's a great outcome for only 1 day of implementation work!

AppQuantum gladly recommends using GameTune for your games!

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