AppQuantum Publishing Producer will hold a lecture at Keep Calm, Do Games Festival  

9 November 2020

Anastasia Romakha, AppQuantum Publishing Producer will hold a talk on Monetisation in Mobile F2P-Games on 10th of November at 19:00 msc. The lecture will be conducted as part of the Keep Calm, Do Games Festival. The registration to this event is free and everyone will have the possibility to watch the talk any time on YouTube.  

If you are in the early stages of creating your own game, you must visit the lecture! Anastasia will tell about types of monetisation, A/B-testing, placements, and choosing the strategy of in-app prices. 

Keep Calm Do Games is an online game development festival. At this event you can learn anything about game development and much more. Check the festival program and follow speakers’ talks. Keep Calm Do Games have started on 23th of October and will last until 18th of November.

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