AppQuantum takes part in DevGamm Spring 2021 conference

30 April 2021

Gamedev conference season continues, so AppQuantum goes on participating in multiple gamedev events. This time we are participating in the DevGAMM online conference

On May 13, AppQuantum’s Head of Analytics Oleg Lapin will give an online lecture “How to identify key opportunities to grow using product metrics pyramid: f2p guide”

In this presentation we will discuss what is a product metrics pyramid and how to use it efficiently. We will start with events analytics. Continue with discussing problems of identification growth points using separated dashboards. At the end, we will summarise how we can measure overall product health and how we can help to prioritize game improvement. Only real cases, no bullshit!

Where: Belka Stage
When: May 13, 14:00 – 15:00

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