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Investment model

Developer Publisher Publishing agreement Your app Incremental improvements Soft Launch Marketing optimization User acquisition Time to acquire millions of users Revenue & Profit

How our partnership model works


App improvements
Bug fixes
App maintenance
Product vision
Events integration
New content


Paid user acquisition
Ad creatives
Platform featuring
Influencer marketing
LTV prediction
Ad mediation
App analytics
Community management
Mobile measurement partner SDK

Why us?

We won’t take ownership of your IP
We can guarantee minimum marketing spend otherwise we return app back to you
We can guarantee minimum profits for a defined period
We’ll offer hands-on guidance and mentorship, but the final decisions are yours
When needed, we can help you find the best talent for the job
We can spend up to $5,000,000 a month on user acquisition

Core team

Evgeny Maurus
Evgeny Maurus
Over 17 years of experience in game industry. In 2002 founded, a gaming website with MAU > 10 million gamers, later it became #1 gaming website in Russia. In 2013 among the first in the world spent more than $10 million on ROI-positive influencer marketing on the US market. One of the co-founders of a performance marketing agency with total budget of $45 million a year. Personal gaming experience of 40,000 hours.
Igor Zavaruev
Igor Zavaruev
Focuses on app promotion from March 2013. In 2014 created EveryAds, an affiliate network for mobile apps. Later the company was sold to Rocket10. In September 2015 created eCPI Media agency. Has extensive experience of managing media budgets up to $5.5 million а month per client and driving positive ROI. Founder of AdQuantum and Money Printing Machine technology.
Pavel Maurus
Pavel Maurus
Founder of 19 successful currently active internet companies, most of them are No1 sector leaders with consolidated revenue over $140m. He has over 17 years of experience in growth strategies in internet, mobile marketing, advertising, sales, monetisation, dating and social media. Head of Online Advertising at Mail.Ru Group, Founder and President of RBS Corporation, Marketing Executive of Badoo.
Elena Bugakova
Elena Bugakova
Publishing Producer
She has been responsible for game design at 20+ projects, from large MMOs to casual mobile games. She also was a co-founder of the agency for over a year. She has such skills as project's analysis, industry specialists recruitment, drawing up recommendations for mobile games.
Victoria Beliaeva
Victoria Beliaeva
Head of Business Development
Creator, project manager and bizdev. She plays a dozen games per day, selecting them for publishing. Victoria wil tell you at any moment without difficulty why you need to collaborate with AppQuantum.
Anton Kim
Anton Kim
Chief Marketing Officer
Certified buying professional by such brands as Facebook, Google Ads, Snapchat, Adjust, Google Analytics, etc. He is in charge of influencer marketing, user acquisition, creative department, video and art production at AppQuantum. Among the biggest achievements on his journey at the company is the case where under his management AppQuantum’s marketing team has earned $7,500,000 for Gold and Goblins mobile game only during the first 3 months.
Sergey Rukosuev
Sergey Rukosuev
Head of Services
In GameDev from 2008. Indie-developer, hardcore gamer, leader and officer of the many top clans in various gaming projects — from MMORPG to the most popular mobile games. He focuses on building strong relationships with players through CMT & CSS departments, evolving Release, QA & Localisation processes. Moreover, in cooperation with AppQuantum’s Ad Monetisation department he helps mobile game developers grow their success to create new awesome games.

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