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How AppQuantum used GameTune to optimize the mobile games

GameTune is Unity’s machine learning product for optimizing games and player experiences. We already told about our collaboration but now we have a new reason to speak.
29 October 2020

We have grown bigger

AppQuantum generated, even more, installs for Dragon Champions, Idle Light City, and Evil Clicker
23 October 2020

New cozy AppQuantum's office

We have moved to a new place!
16 October 2020

Party Clicker rules: new big update with collections

Recently Party Clicker got a new game-changing update. AppQuantum producers and Red Machine team have made a big work and redesigned the idea and mechanics of collections we had in the game.
2 September 2020

AppQuantum & GameTune - Our Story

Implementing new features into a game can be a trick - especially if you haven’t got the resources to constantly run multiple A/B tests and properly analyze the results.
20 August 2020

Dragon Champions hit 1,000,000+ downloads

Champions of Korador are celebrating a great occasion - more than a million brave heroes have joined the battle against Conrad Savitar and his numerous henchmen so far.
30 July 2020

Party Clicker has reached 2,000,000+ installs

One of our most stylish and bold games has hit 2M+ downloads recently!
1 July 2020

Idle Light City has reached 2.8M+ downloads

Idle Light City game has reached the next milestone!
1 May 2020

The AppQuantum team has grown 2 times!

See what else has changed
14 April 2020

AppQuantum published Idle Light City

We are happy to announce that we have published a beautiful idle game Idle Light City.
22 January 2020

AppQuantum increased LTV x2 for Off-road Travel: Ride to Hill

We’re proud to tell you that from April 2019 till October 2019 we’ve increased LTV for Off-road Travel x2!
20 December 2019

Meet AppQuantum at White Nights Moscow 2019

If you want to meet our team or talk to us about publishing your game, feel free to request a meeting at the White Nights Conference in Moscow 2019.
5 September 2019

AppQuantum published the My Idle Farm!

AppQuantum happy to announce the worldwide release of My Idle Farm: The Township Saga! 
20 August 2019

AppQuantum published the Dragon Champions!

Dragon Champions is an epic mobile RPG with battler mechanics in a fantasy world, that ultimately emerges into a turn-based strategy game. 
1 August 2019

AppQuantum published Off-road Travel: Ride to Hill

AppQuantum is happy to announce the worldwide release of Off-road Travel: Ride to Hill! 
9 April 2019

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