AppQuantum Games to Get Access to Playrix's Marketing Expertise

AppQuantum Games to Get Access to Playrix's Marketing Expertise

Playrix, one of the biggest mobile game developers globally, has become a strategic partner and investor of AppQuantum. This is Playrix's first investment in an independent publisher. The two companies' cooperation implies an exchange of knowledge in marketing, production, and mobile game analytics, though AppQuantum will retain complete independence.

AppQuantum will be able to pass on the experience acquired from Playrix to its partner studios, which will have the unique chance to use the game publisher's resources and the expertise of one of the most prominent players in the mobile gaming market.

AppQuantum publishes games from both internal studios and third-party developers. These titles regularly occupy dominant positions among clicker and idle projects. Thanks to their partnership with Playrix, the company also plans to achieve similar results in other game genres.


"Even without Playrix's gaming and marketing expertise, AppQuantum's published games had shown significant results. However, the company had been unable to reach its full potential.

Once AppQuantum received an investment from Playrix in early December, the company showed tremendous growth in just a month for a game that had been actively marketed for six months since June 2021. According to Sensor Tower, from November to December 2021, revenue grew 92.5% – from $1,815,227 to $3,497,543, not including the primary advertising monetization. I can't even imagine the results we will achieve when we apply all of Playrix's expertise." – Evgeny Maurus, Founder of AppQuantum.

"AppQuantum is one of the strongest mobile game publishers in the world with unique expertise in hybrid games (games with a combination of in-app and advertising monetization). I hope that our cooperation will help them further reinforce their position and continue their impressive growth." – Dmitry Bukhman, Co-Founder, Playrix.


In 2021, AppQuantum started engaging in codesign. The company's employees are involved in creating the game from the concept stage — they help with the choice of genre, setting, and key mechanics, in addition to sharing expertise in the product area and assisting developers throughout the whole process of creating the game.

As of 2022, AppQuantum has begun developing its M&A strategy. The company plans to invest in promising studios with talented developers interested in taking their business to the next level.


Playrix is the largest gaming company in Eastern Europe and is among the top 3 most successful mobile developers in the world. Playrix is the creator of hit games such as Gardenscapes, Fishdom, Manor Matters, Homescapes, Wildscapes, and Township, which have been downloaded by more than 1 billion players. More than 100 million people play the company's games every month.

According to Sensor Tower, the company's revenue in 2020 exceeded $1.7 billion.