AppQuantum Has Earned $7,000,000 for Gold & Goblins in 3 Months

AppQuantum Has Earned $7,000,000 for Gold & Goblins in 3 Months

During only the first 3 months after signing the contract AppQuantum generated $7,000,000 in revenue for the Gold & Goblins mobile game developed by a Canadian developer Redcell Games. 

Gold & Goblins: Idle merger is an Idle game with merge mechanics where the player controls little goblins that mine gold in shafts. The player’s goal is to manage resources, get more goblins, merge them and break ever-growing rocks to find gold and get to the next shaft. 

To be honest we had our doubts at the start. Even though the game looked really great in terms of production quality, we first saw it at a rather early stage of development. It was hard to predict how much time, money and effort is needed to finalize the game to the stage it can be profitable. 

Redcell Games were sure they could make it, so we agreed on the following — they develop the game as they find suitable while we make a prolonged test to find the best performing marketing approach. This way, when we decided to go under publishing agreement, both sides were sure that’s exactly the type of cooperation they want and that it’ll be fruitful.

In March 2021 we obtained featuring on App Store and Google Play and by the end of the month, the revenue was $3,000,000. As for April 20, we already gained $7,000,000 in revenue.  

Speaking of other statistics:

- 70 new creatives per week 
- Top performing GEOs: US, GB, DE, CA, RU, AU
- 5 UA managers working on this project 
- Traffic sources: Facebook, AppLovin, Unity Ads
- 5.8 IPM for the top creative
- $45 ARPPU in the US 

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