AppQuantum Published the Dragon Champions!

AppQuantum Published the Dragon Champions!

AppQuantum happy to announce the soft-launch of Dragon Champions! 

Dragon Champions is an epic mobile RPG with battler mechanics in a fantasy world, that ultimately emerges into a turn-based strategy game. 

In Dragon Champions you immerse yourself into a story, collect new characters, upgrade your squad and defeat deadly enemies and bosses such as dragons. You can meet more than 50 unique heroes, build your squad and lead them to epic battles and victories!

Explore 7 different locations from a medieval town to barren wastelands. Meet various inhabitants of these lands: elves and goblins, orсs and infernal demons, villainous cultists and mysterious Reflections. 

Unlock new game modes as you progress: 

— Mystery tower with chambers full of enemies and treasures: use various strategies to get to the top and claim the highest rewards.

— Heroic events where you can learn more about Dragon Champions’ lore and gain special characters.

—  PvP-arena where you can challenge other players and test your might and skills. 

— Guilds and guild raids for 25 people - unite with your friends and slay the devastating fire-dragon!

PlayQuantum Team has chosen a cartoonish art style with fantasy elements, which gives a sense of magic and mystique. Speaking of language, we plan to add 10 more languages after the soft-launch stage.

Dragon Champions represented now only in a few countries but very soon we go to Worldwide! 

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