AppQuantum Deconstructs Animal Restaurant: How to Earn $2,000,000 in IAPs with a Cute Mobile Game

AppQuantum Deconstructs Animal Restaurant: How to Earn $2,000,000 in IAPs with a Cute Mobile Game

Animal Restaurant is a casual management simulation game published by Chinese developer DH Games, which was released in 2019. The game was chosen for this article not only because of its good metrics or revenue but also due to its exposure on social media: Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram. People love this game and share it on these platforms often.

Animal Restaurant`s gameplay is relaxing!

Game’s Visuals

Approach to the In-Game Currencies

Meta Game

Gotta collect ’em all!


  • Gachapon. This is a machine in the Buffet. It can be used to obtain Stars, Cod, Plates, Mementos, Dolls, and some Letters randomly. Players will receive a certain number of free uses daily, depending on the facility’s level.
  • Wishing Well. This facility in the Garden gives out random rewards such as Flowers, Cod, Stars, and some Mementos. One free draw is given per day.

And, of course, mini games!

How meta activities influence the game

  • As the pacing and progression in the game are relatively slow, it’s essential to keep the players constantly occupied, which is successfully done by engaging them with lots of meta activities;
  • They create more opportunities to introduce new monetization points that are valuable to the player;
  • They create variety for the players, as well as help to balance the game.

Limited Time Events in Animal Restaurant

How LTEs influence the game

  • They add variety to the gameplay for loyal players;
  • They attract more people during the event because of the exclusive items players can get;
  • They create more monetization opportunities.

Monetization, In-App Purchases

How hard currency can be used:


Ad Monetization

Keys to success

  • The game has very relaxing gameplay with cute visuals.
  • Strong and familiar core gameplay and theme combined with slow pacing, but with lots of simple and entertaining mechanics to keep players busy.
  • Very gentle, but effective balance-based ad monetization combined with slow-paced gameplay.
  • Collection mechanics are embedded into the gameplay, which gives a boost to long-term retention.
  • Each site offers something new, and this isn’t just a typical prestige where players have to start from scratch — everything they earn stays with them.
  • Lots of LTEs with exclusive items give a boost to the activity.