AppQuantum is Already FIVE Years Old, But We are Aiming Higher Than That! 

AppQuantum is Already FIVE Years Old, But We are Aiming Higher Than That! 

We are celebrating our birthday — five years have passed, and it was fascinating by all means! It’s an important milestone for our company and our team. That’s why we want to share our results for this year with all of you. 

During the last year: 

- Our team has grown to 120+ people.
- We have opened a brand new Business Acceleration Program from AppQuantum that will let developers receive not only funding from our company, but also become real partners in all meanings. 
- AppQuantum invested in 3 studios in terms of the Business Acceleration Program.
- We've launched 21 mobile games.
- We’ve tested more than 150 games.
- Our team has visited a lot of conferences and other events, including BIG Festival 2022, gamescom and devcom, WN Conference'22 Istanbul, Pocket Gamer Connects London, Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki, Mobidictum Business Conference – Istanbul 2022.
- AppQuantum held its first online event, Publish Me! Festival for Developers with a total prize fund of $50,000 and an additional marketing allocation of $2,500,000.
- During the Publish Me! Festival, we received 139 applications and more than 1,500 unique viewers at the Grand Final. 
- We’ve regularly published know-how articles in international media:,, Mobidictum, Business of Apps, and more.
- Our project, Gold & Goblins, has been the №1 top-grossing game in the Idle/Tycoon category for five months in a row, according to AppMagic. 
- Our LinkedIn gained 1,000 followers! If you still haven’t subscribed, it is the best time to do so. 

Also, this year was a sign for our company to become more mobile and agile:

- We’ve opened a new office in Dubai in addition to our Cyprus headquarters. Also, we are looking to other countries to broaden our horizons. 
- Our team is now working from nine countries spread all over the world. 

As we always like to say, that’s only the beginning of our journey, but it is important to thank all of you for being with us. Thanks to our team for being such incredible colleagues and to our partners for their trust. 

We are constantly getting more professional, achieving more ambitious results, and generating more money for our developers. And we’re not done yet!

Stay tuned for more news! 

Sincerely yours,