AppQuantum Celebrates Its 6th Birthday!

AppQuantum Celebrates Its 6th Birthday!

Six years! What an exhilarating journey filled with remarkable events and achievements. AppQuantum has already accomplished great results, and there’s so much more ahead.

Over the last year, as you know, the mobile game market has gone through a lot of turbulence. But AppQuantum continues to grow and develop, forging new partnerships, expanding the team and our portfolio, and generating media coverage to share expertise and contribute to the industry's growth and development.

No matter what, we'll continue to help developers turn their games into hits and launch new initiatives to support them. Like we did this year with our Core is the King! program for hyper- and hybrid-casual projects. 

Also, with this goal in mind, we continue to expand AppQuantum’s geography, so we’ve opened a new office in Yerevan, Armenia. Barev dzez, everyone! And it’s worth mentioning that our employees now work in 15 countries around the world!

None of these achievements would've been possible without our breathtaking team. We're profoundly grateful for each one of you. You're truly amazing! 

We're also grateful to the developers who entrusted us to work with their projects. This opportunity makes us extremely happy, and we look forward to further fruitful cooperation! With each year, our commitment to making our partners' projects better only grows stronger.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has been reading and sharing our news and articles. We’ll definitely continue to tell you more insights from our experience that will make the LiveOps of your game easier :)

And we're not stopping at this. Stay connected with us in the upcoming year. The road ahead promises to be exciting!

Warm hugs,