Business Acceleration Program for Mobile Game Developers by AppQuantum Publishing

Business Acceleration Program for Mobile Game Developers by AppQuantum Publishing

Developers of mobile free-to-play games can now receive financial assistance up to $1,000,000 from one of the largest mobile game publishers in Europe — AppQuantum. 

The company launched its program back in 2021 when it started supporting some small yet promising projects. In 2022 this turned into a full-fledged investment program, which includes various forms of partnership.

So far, AppQuantum has signed business acceleration agreements with several studios. We can’t disclose their names or any further information at the moment, however, we will share more details about the experience and the first results of our collaboration as soon as we are able.

AppQuantum has now reserved $10,000,000 for the first round of investments. After reaching the limit and evaluating the efficiency, we will start discussing the next possible round of investments with the limit of $20,000,000. We plan to double this sum every time as long as we see business potential in it.   

Today, we will discuss our investment program in more detail, take a look at its benefits and how one can apply for it.

Who needs this program?

The program mainly aims at the developers of casual or mid-core mobile free-to-play games. What sets our strategy apart from others available on the market is the focus: we put the team before the product. 

This means that you can turn to us even if:

Our main goal is to achieve maximum synergy with the developer. We strive for the 1+1=3 effect, which is the best possible boost resulting from our cooperation with partners. This becomes possible especially if we already have the product and marketing expertise for the games that the studio is developing.

Even if it’s not the case, we can form synergy together if the studio management sees prospects in our interaction.
One of the fundamental points of our program is that we seek equivalent exchange in a partnership where everybody contributes to the final result. We share our knowledge, solutions, expertise and know-how while the studios show their creative vision, skills and experience.

It is important to point out that AppQuantum doesn't take the studio over, as our competitors do. Managing the operational and strategic development of the company remains the founders’ responsibility. The studio is free to choose the niche, genres, mechanics, art style and so on, as well as decide whether to self-publish their game, turn to our assistance or contact any other publisher if we don’t have the expertise for a particular genre. We will offer extra support by providing our insights and experience.

That is why it is so important for us to find not just studios for investment but people who share our approach.

Forms of cooperation

We don’t always stick to one approach and are always open to new suggestions. Each company is a unique combination of its employees, founders, goals and opportunities. Therefore, we are stepping away from any classifications and the “conveyor” approach.

Some partnership options:

Basically, our program consists of several “bricks”. For each inquiry, we offer ready-made solutions or create a more suitable custom one on the spot.

Flexibility is one of our main features. Plus we always do our work in a short time. It usually takes no more than a month from the initial decision to the first profit. 

What we offer

AppQuantum may seem like an appealing option for the developers due to our “smart money” approach. 

We don't simply invest. We help in all the aspects we are experienced in. We may guide you through the organisation process, assist in solving problems, help you contact the right people.

Besides the financial support, we offer help in the following aspects:

This option may come in handy if you want to concentrate on the product and find someone responsible for marketing, analytics and services. If you’d like to plunge into one of these spheres, we’ll help you and show you how.

Moreover, in 2022 we signed a partnership agreement with Playrix — one of the largest mobile game developers in the world. This collaboration allows us to access the vast expertise of Playrix as well as share it with our partners.

Partnership program

Ready to collaborate but don't know where to start? Email us at, and we will answer you ASAP with further details, including questions about your team and product. You may facilitate the process by mentioning the following information: 

- About your team. Describe in more detail the main members of the company: CEO, CTO, Producer, Art Director, etc., their experience, the projects they’ve worked on, and the number of game designers, developers and artists. Make sure to write down the financial expectations and the required amount. Thus we will be able to form the offer most suitable for you. 
- About your projects. Those currently in development, those at the planning stage, and those already finished. Our team needs to understand your main development vectors, whether you want to create a mid-core game with real-time PvP or casual games. Then describe the strong points of your products. 

If you don't have projects in development right now, you can list references from the market and show what kind of games the team intends to work on. If there are currently no projects in development, you should add a list of reference games to help us better understand your future plans. If your game is already published, provide the information about the number of downloads, DAU, MAU, and game income.

AppQuantum sincerely believes that people are a mainstay — cool games start with cool teams and developers. If you share our approach to partnership and decision-making and are ready to work quickly and efficiently — email us at, and together we will turn your game into a worldwide hit!