The AppQuantum Team Has Grown 2 Times Bigger!

The AppQuantum Team Has Grown 2 Times Bigger!

It’s been more than a year since we published our first title - Idle Evil Clicker. Since that time our team and the whole company has grown a lot in many ways :) Let us show you some numbers:

— Main team size has grown 2 times! 

— We have 5 remote workers, which 5 more than we had a year ago :)

— We now have more than 10 games published, 2 of them are made by internal development studios and 2 are made by foreign developers. 

— We have made 3 publishing use cases and the fourth is on the way.

— We have switched 1 office place and are planning to move once more!

— Our team members have visited 8 conferences in search of new partners, where 4 of them were international. 

— There were 2 lectures given by our team members at the conferences and one article written. 

— There were thousands of skype calls, hundreds of tests and dozens of agreements made.

We are proud of the way we have gone and are looking forward to new achievements and successes. 

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